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Bács-Zöldért has been a trade and service company for more than 65 years with its own and integrated vegetable - fruit production. At the beginningit was a state-owned trade company for which the main task was the distribution of the whole home fresh product sortiment. After the change of regime (1989) it went to private persons' property as joined stock company. This fresh vegetable and fruit producer and seller company specialized in important products which are typical in the Central Hungary region. Besides producing our own goods, we managed to have reliable producers and suppliers very quickly.

Due to our production and the close relationship with the suppliers we can provide customized production and delivery programme. Our honesty and loyalty among the staff members as well as towards our trade clients basically define our business policy. Thank to our hard-working colleagues the name Bács - Zöldért involves the magic words: fresh, delicious, healthy, affordable. In order to maintain it in the future as well, our production and trade operates with continuous inside and outside quality control. We are trying to minimize the pesticide content in our finished products. Regular tests performed in independent international laboratories certify that we observe the legal limit values.

We combine the knowledge of traditional horticulture with the latest results of agricultural science, that's why we can provide valuable and good quality fresh products. Our ambition for the future, is to provide our consumers with quality fresh vegetables and fruit at a reasonable price. The satisfaction of our customer can be the best confirmation that we are well on our way. During our work we do not focus on daily success, but we would like to guarantee and maintain our created values in the long run.

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