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The company Bács-Zöldért Zrt. was founded more than 65 years ago as a trade and service company with a focus on its own and integrated contract growing of fruits and vegetables. Originally established as a trading company for the entire range of inland fresh products, later we specialized in just a smaller rang of products. Thanks to this conscious specialization we were soon able to build a reliable network of producers and suppliers.

Our core competency: through our own production and since we’re in direct contact with the producers, we can provide for each of our customers an individual production and marketing program. Honesty and loyalty in dealings with each other among our workers and with our trading partners is our top priority. Due to our staff’s hard and passionate work the name “Bács-Zöldért” is known among the fresh fruit and vegetable businesses to be described with the following magic words: fresh, tasty, healthy and affordable. To ensure that this remains so, our production and trading operates with continuous internal and external quality control. We try to minimize the pesticide remains in our products. We confirm the compliance with the legal limits by regular testing of our products by independent international laboratories.

We combine traditional knowledge and the practical implementation of modern agricultural research results that makes possible the harvest of high-quality raw materials. It is our main goal to provide our customers with the freshest and the highest quality products at competitive prices. The satisfaction of our customers is the best confirmation of our work. In our work, the main focus is never on the daily successes but on creating and expanding long-term values.

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